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New Website Launched

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

The Spring-Ford Area Historical Society has launched a new website,

The new site will enable the public to access a variety of information about the society. Pages are dedicated to describing the society's museum, housed in the Lewin Farmhouse and barn, as well as the society's news, events, and calendar. A membership page with information about joining the society, and a page devoted to donations, (monetary, as well as in-kind donations of artifacts and memorabilia), are included on the website. A welcome letter from the society's president, Wm. Brunner, along with a summery of the group's mission and history can be found on the "About" page. Contact information can be accessed on multiple pages of the site, and a contact form can be filled out to ask a question or make a request.

The historical society is also beginning a blog, and regular posts will be made from the museum's extensive collection. Blog posts will also be made to announce museum programs, exhibits, new acquisitions, and other society news. The historical society will be sharing its blog posts on the Spring-Ford Area Historical Society's FaceBook page.


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