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The Gallery

The gallery behind the main house once served as the Lewin barn.  The Gallery houses major collections of memorabilia and artifacts of the schools, manufacturers and retailers in the area.

The Lewin barn was renovated in 2000 when the society purchases the property.  It was renamed the Fetterolf Gallery in memory of Carolyn Fetterolf, our first museum director.

H. S. Year Books
School Artifacts
Textile Industry
Stove Collection
Blacksmith Shop
Knitting Machine
Military Collection
Area Retailer History
Glass Manufacturing

The SFAHS Military Room is now open!  The Grand Opening was held on Nov. 19, 2022.  The room has an emphasis of local artifacts and the stories of area personalities.  Artifacts from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World Wars I & II, the Korean War, and Vietnam are on display.  The collection also includes artifacts from the Thomas McCabe Collection, donated to the historical society in 2018.

The Military Room is handicap accessible via a chair lift and a tour is included when visiting the museum.  Special tours focusing on the Military Room can be arranged by contacting the museum.

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Extensive Stove Collection


The museum boasts a collection of more than 37 stoves manufactured in Spring City and Royersford.  Included are stoves from Buckwalter, Floyd-Wells, and Grander from Royersford; and Rogers, Smith Francis & Wells, and Shantz and Keeley from Spring City.  Most are on display in the Gallery and all are owned by the society.  There is also a stove in the Cobbler Shop and another in the kitchen of the Main House.  

Historic Local Businesses


Evidence that the towns were bustling centers of commerce can be found in the wide variety of local businesses and services that were once located in Royersford and Spring City.  Artifacts used in the businesses as well as many advertising give-aways can be found throughout the gallery room as well as on the first floor of the Main House.

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Blacksmith Shop SFAHS.jpg

The Gallery houses a replica blacksmith shop assembled from tools used by Spring-Ford Area blacksmiths.  Included is a forge, anvil and an assortment of hand tools and vintage farm implements.

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Area Schools Collection


The museum is home to an extensive collection of memorabilia from local Spring-Ford schools. There is a collection of year books from both Spring City and Royersford High Schools, as well as every Spring-Ford High School year book since the 1956 jointure.  An assortment of student desks and chairs is housed in this area as well as the school bell that was used to announce the start of school at the Franklin Street School located at the corner of Church St. and Pikeland Ave. in Spring City.  Other memorabilia includes sports-related items from school and community programs.

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