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Low Bridge, Everybody Down!

363 Miles of Paddling on the Erie Canal

The first program of the Spring-Ford Area Historical Society's 2019 calendar will be held on Wednesday, April 10. Spring-Ford resident, Jay Doering will describe his kayak trip from the Niagara River to the Hudson via the Erie Canal. Doering began kayaking as a hobby seventeen years ago with friend and neighbor, Jay Mackley. The duo has planned and experienced annual adventures starting with the Susquehanna, traversing the river from its headwaters, (near Cooperstown, NY), to the Chesapeake Bay, a distance of 444 miles.

Jay Doering and Jay Mackley take a break from paddling on the Erie Canal as they wait for a lock to fill.

The Erie Canal trip was the pair's most unique trip. As the two Jays traveled, they learned about the canal's history as well as the current uses of the canal. Pictures taken documenting the trip will be shared during the program and Jay Doering will describe the adventures of the two intrepid kayakers. Join us for a fun and informative evening as Jay Doering relates their shared experiences as well as his knowledge and sense of humor.

Program Details:

Date - Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Time - 7:30 p.m.

Place - Royersford VFW, 730 S. Fourth Ave., Royersford, PA

or email:

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