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Museum Gets New Porch Roof

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

If you've driven by the historical society's museum on Main Street, you know that there is a new, standing-seam, aluminum porch roof on the Lewin Farmhouse. The 110-year tin old roof was recently removed as it was beginning to show some signs of deterioration, and was replaced with a red aluminum roof. An Amish construction company, Wil-Line Builders, LLC performed the replacement. The original construction of the porch roof included an interior gutter design, which was common in 1910 when additions and renovations to the farmhouse were made. However, the interior gutter design allowed rainwater to collect and stand in portions of the gutter, taking its toll during its century-plus life.

In addition to the tin, some questionable tongue and groove boards underneath, making up the porch roof decking, needed to be examined for possible replacement. The only way to do that was to remove the tin. Surprisingly, except for the interior gutter portion, the roof tin was in remarkably good shape, and none of the decking boards, which were also 110-years old, had to be replaced. What was added was front-mounted, "K-gutter," which will keep rainwater from collecting on the new roof. The board of directors preferred half-round, as opposed to "K-gutter," in an effort to keep the appearance of the house closer to 1910, when it was originally renovated. However, half-round gutter would have had significantly less capacity than "K-gutter." Board member Dick Marshall and President Amy Demchik were instrumental in making arrangements for the $10,000-plus project and overseeing it. The Lewin Farmhouse is the fourth oldest house in the borough of Royersford, dating to 1861.

Board member, Dick Marshall, and Dave of Wil-Line Builders, confer on the porch roof project

The project is part of recent efforts to improve the curb appeal of the museum, that have included the removal of mature shrubbery, painting the front of the porch, new plantings, and the display of red, white and blue bunting for special occasions. The new planting areas that are planned for the front flower beds of the farmhouse will be installed this fall. Board member and secretary, Diane Flogaus, is coordinating the planting project.

Due to the recent pandemic and resulting five-month closure of the museum, donations have declined. If you would like to contribute toward the porch project, donations can be sent to SFAHS, PO Box 312, Royersford, PA 19468.

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1 comentário

29 de set. de 2020

Well written and very informative. I am so glad the society was able to move forward with this project and maintain the appearance of the building.

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